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All Life Data approached Cybera Digital to create a website that would allow their customers to find information online while they were out in the field, enquire about supported products, and reduce the amount of time All Life Data staff were spending on the phone.

The site was not only to be informational, but also allow the company to keep track of product purchases and registrations so they could tie that data in with future email marketing campaigns (for example, receiving a notification when a registered product is due to be serviced).

The initial design phase involved sketching wireframes, developing layouts, and prototypes (pictured) – eventually turning all of that into a final design.

Our unique collaborative process encourages the client to be involved and consulted throughout the design phase in order to manage expectations and increase transparency.
Spotlight: All Life Data
Once the layout was finalised, the branding guidelines that All Life Data had previously developed with a third party needed to be integrated in order to match up with existing marketing collateral.

See comparison below:

Spotlight: All Life Data
Developing the site required additional planning so that managing it would be easier for the All Life Data admin staff, and also for the site to communicate with external services, allowing for product registrations to tie in with email marketing systems.

There was a lot of custom development involved: making sure that search engines would index the site the way it needed to be indexed, creating custom data types for displaying products with datasheets, allowing the internal search system to find the right information (whether it be datasheets, products, or just general information), and ensuring the website was accessible across multiple devices.

The resulting website has given All Life Data an increase in product quotes, enquiries, and registrations, and also allowed staff to spend less time on the phones.

The look and feel is consistent with their existing marketing collateral, with Cybera Digital also providing support, training, and maintenance as required.

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