Great First Impression When Meeting Potential Clients

5 Tips For Web Designers To Make A Great First Impression When Meeting Potential Clients

One facet of web designers is that the way they work, including where and within which type of business, is extremely diverse. Some might work for a national marketing company, others for a local web design agency, and many are freelance individuals. As such they will all have different levels of experience and resources at their disposal whenever they are hired to design and create a website for a client.

Despite the plethora of different working environments and methods that web designers have, one element of their work unites them all and that is the fact that they must be able to attract new clients to continue working. No clients mean no income which, for any business, usually means the end is nigh.

How web designers attract clients can differ but almost always there will come a point when they must meet a prospective client, either in person or via an online meeting app such as Zoom or Skype. It is at this meeting that most clients will make a judgment on whether this is a web designer they want to work with and that will be heavily influenced by the impression that the web designer makes upon that prospect, especially the first impression.

So, a question web designers should be asking themselves before they even discuss technical web design matters in a meeting is, “How can I make a great first impression?”. For web designers reading this, or indeed anyone who at some point will want to create the best possible first impression whether for a job interview, meeting a new manager for the first time, or selling services to a prospective client, here are five tips to help make that first impression a great one.

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