Blynx Insurance is a highly experienced insurance provider located in Narre Warren supporting more than 400 customers. They pride themselves on providing a quality service for both business and private sectors.

Blynx Insurance approached Cybera Digital because they wanted to stand out from other insurance companies opting to go with quick and dirty template-based website solutions.

Blynx wanted something unique that suited their bold personality and also encouraged visitors to contact them to experience their award-winning personable service.

This project marked a change in direction for Cybera Digital, as we used more targeted strategies for finding solutions to problems presented by the client.

To solve the business problems presented by Blynx, we conducted multiple strategy sessions with Blynx director, Danny Lavigne. Danny knows his customers well, particularly their pain points.

Through specifically targeted activities and light-hearted discussions, we determined business goals, ideal customers, and even developed a solid mission statement for the company within 20 minutes!

Rough sitemap developed during strategy session
During one of the strategy sessions with Danny, we sketched out a rough mobile wireframe to make sure everyone was on the same page, and to keep Danny involved in the design process.

From sketch to wireframe concept
The overall design process involved creating visual stylescapes, wireframes, and user flows before even starting on design mockups.

These stylescapes and wireframes were all developed from information gathered during our strategy session, and were based on numerous elements including branding, voicing, and (most importantly) the customers.

Example stylescape developed for Blynx Insurnace
An example stylescape developed for Blynx Insurance, representing “Dedication”, “Understanding”, and “Efficiency”.
Once a visual direction was decided on, our team started mocking up designs by merging the wireframes we developed with the visual design that Danny felt best represented the company.

Blynx Layout 1
Blynx Layout 2
Blynx Layout 3
After seeing these designs in person, Danny selected different elements from all three. With his feedback, we were able to complete the final design.

From the earlier strategy sessions, we knew that a lot of Blynx customers were busy business people who were continually on-the-go.

So in developing the site we knew that the site needed to primarily focus on being mobile-friendly, and then be able to respond to larger screens if required.

Mobile-first design
With that in mind, we had to find a way to keep the call-to-action (“Call us” icon) prominent when switching between the mobile and desktop views.

The navigation system responds to the device the customer is using.
This was a challenge in and of itself, but we came up with a very stable solution that works across many different devices.

Easy updates
Blynx also required the ability to easily update company details whenever they needed to, so we developed a solution that would allow them to do that.

This way, they can edit the details and see the changes update on the website in real-time.

The client can update business information and see how they’ll appear in real-time.
On October 11, 2018 we flipped the switch and launched the new Blynx Insurance website.

To track user engagement we configured conversion goals through Google Analytics to monitor whether or not the new website had been a success. That way, if potential problems arose we would be able to address them and make changes if required.

Launching a website is an ongoing process. It’s never really truly done.

We will continue to monitor the Blynx Insurance website, like we do all of our sites, and make sure it is performing as best it can to best serve the people using it.

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