The Benefits Of Using Commercial Storage For Your Home-Based Business

The Benefits Of Using Commercial Storage For Your Home-Based Business

Running a business from home has many advantages, including the ability to work in a comfortable environment, lower overhead costs, flexible working hours, plus no daily commute, however, there can be even more advantages available to a home-based business if it were to utilise storage space for rent.

Now, we are going to start on the basis that many, if not most, home-based businesses are run by one person and that they are not multi-million dollar entities that have unlimited capital to spend on what that business needs.

Instead, we will assume that most home-based business owners, even if successful, will always be looking for ways to reduce costs, increase profits, and operate in a manner that makes running their business more enjoyable, rather than seeing it as a daily chore. As such, we are going to look at how renting commercial storage space and the benefits of doing so can help a home-business owner achieve all of those goals.

Reduced Costs Leading To Increased Profits

The specific amount that applies here will vary greatly depending on the type of home-based business you own, but there will doubtless be some people reading this who have to outlay a considerable amount due to them not having sufficient storage space. An example of this is having to purchase supplies or products wholesale in smaller quantities due to a lack of storage and therefore having to pay more per unit than if buying in much larger quantities.

It, therefore, follows that by renting a commercial storage unit where you could store your inventory, you could make savings when purchasing inventory, and logic states that by reducing your costs you are going to increase your profits.

An Alternative Office

One way in which you can utilise a storage unit is in addition to storing inventory there, you can also use it as your office. Assuming you have an electrical supply and access to Wi-Fi or mobile internet, it is perfectly feasible for you to run your home-based business in part or fully from your storage unit which we are certain many home-based business owners will find highly desirable.

A Happier Family Environment

Anyone who has ever run a business from their home will know that if they share that home with others, then it can lead to some friction and the occasional argument. Whether it is a spouse, partner, parents, siblings, or children, there will moments when the needs of your business do not fit in with what any of them wish to do at home. That is why moving inventory, and possibly even your office, to a storage facility, should make for a happier family home.

Be Better Organised

As we have mentioned, one of the most obvious benefits of using commercial storage is the additional space it provides and that ultimately can help you stay better organised. Rather than cluttering your home with business-related items, commercial storage allows you to keep your home free from clutter and maintain a more organised workspace. This can make it easier to find what you need and increase your productivity.

Improved Work-Life Balance

Running a home-based business can blur the lines between work and personal life, making it difficult to achieve a healthy work-life balance. By using commercial storage, you can separate your work items and equipment from your personal belongings to create a clear boundary between your business and personal life. This can help you to reduce stress, improve your mental health, and get back to enjoying running your business.

Optimum Security

When it comes to storing valuable equipment and inventory, security is a top priority and let us be honest, security at home cannot ever match the security offered by commercial storage facilities. They provide 24/7 surveillance, gated access, keypad locks, and in many cases security staff patrolling the facility all protecting your belongings from theft.

Improved Customer Service

Storing inventory in a commercial storage facility can improve customer service for your home-based businesses. With inventory stored in a far more organised way, you can quickly and easily fulfil orders and get products rapidly shipped out to customers. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction and increased repeat sales which enhances your profits.

Flexibility To Grow

One of the biggest challenges for home-based businesses is managing growth and as your business grows, so does its need for space to store inventory and equipment. Renting a storage unit offers a scalable solution that allows you to easily increase or decrease the amount of storage space you need. This makes it easier for you to manage your business growth without the added costs and headaches of moving into large commercial premises.

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