A lot of business owners see their website as a business card they hand out to people, but don’t see it as pivotal to their business.

In reality though, is there anything we do on a day-to-day basis that we don’t utilise an online channel for?

We visit Google if we’re going to be out somewhere and want to meet friends for lunch – “Best cafe’s on Mornington main street”, for example. Or, we might ask for recommendations for a fencing contractor on Facebook, and then visit the suggested contractor’s website.

The Importance of a Company Website
If I’m going to spend time researching cafe’s on Mornington main street in order to casually spend $50, then you should expect your customers to thoroughly research your business to inform their purchasing decisions.

Prospective customers will spend time searching and browsing through many websites, including yours and your competitors, to find the right fit for them.

The cold, hard truth is that they will spend a lot of time on your competitors’ website before they make their choice.

Make the most of that all important click
We need to make the most of the visitors time on your website once they click through to it. This involves putting ourselves in the customer’s mindset. We need to take the time to understand what their concerns might be, what they need, and what will influence that final decision.

Most website visitors will spend less than 10 seconds on a website before moving on if they don’t find some relevance to what they need. That’s a very small window in which to grab their attention!

Once we do have their attention, and they decide to navigate around our website, we need to ensure we provide them with the means to do what they want to do as easily as possible – whether that be to make a purchase, get in touch, or view an important and informative piece of content.

The Importance of a Company Website
All of these factors need to be taken on-board and this is what we take into account before starting a client project.

We take the time to ensure we understand the client as well as their needs and objectives, but we also make sure we understand the needs and objectives of their ideal target customer base too. This enables us to set out clear goals for the website and what it will achieve. It has an influence over the entire project, from the initial research through to user experience analysis, site build and launch.

Results will follow
You’re a business owner, no one expects you to know this stuff!

However, choosing the right agency to collaborate with is an important step in achieving the right results for your business. Make sure you choose your partner wisely, because it could cost you in the long run!

As an agency with over 50 combined years in online and retail sales and marketing, we’re confident that we can deliver great results for our clients because we’ve taken the time to research, understand, and align ourselves with the business and its customer base so that we can offer a seamless user experience as soon as they hit our client’s website.

For businesses that are open to ensuring one of their most valuable sales tools is working as well as it should, it’s always worth investing in an experienced partner to give the website the respect and attention it deserves.

The Importance of a Company Website
If you’re thinking about having a website designed or want to freshen up your existing site, get in touch with us today for a free, no obligation consultation.

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