Main Types Of Copywriting Services – Part 1

If we were to ask the question, ‘What type of writer is responsible for generating the most amount of money?’, it is more than likely that the answer will be authors. It seems logical when you think of the hundreds of millions of dollars that writers such as Danielle Steele, J.K Rowling, and Stephen King must have earned from their writing.

However, while writing novels might be the form of writing that earns the individual writer the highest incomes, it is not the form of writing that has generated the most money.

It is that crucial word, ‘generate’ that is the clue, because it is copywriting which is responsible for generating more income than any other form of writing. If we take that a stage further to answer the question with regards to the type of writer, then that answer is a copywriter.

What Is A Copywriter?

According to a report from professional web designers, a copywriter is someone who has the skills to write words that virtually change the thinking of the person reading those words. They can turn a sceptic into a raving fan, and a doubter, into an enthusiastic buyer.

Copywriters are responsible for writing just about every advertisement that has ever been created, whether that be text ads in newspapers and magazines, the scripts for radio and television ads or the sales copy for the sales pages and PPC ads you see online.

Copywriters wrote them all, so just think of the trillions upon trillions of sales over the decades that all those adverts have generated, and it is mainly due to the words written by copywriters that those adverts have been so effective.

J.K Rowling may be a billionaire for writing about a boy wizard who could do magic, but it was likely a copywriter who conjured up the words for the advert that promoted it and led to the sale of her very first book.

The Importance Of Copywriting

As a business owner, you already know that without customers you have no business, and therefore you need to be able to convert prospects into buyers. Often this will be done with face to face meetings with prospective clients, where you or your sales team seek to persuade the person in front of you to say ‘Yes’.

However, online you are not sitting face to face, and so you rely on the words that your prospects see and hear, which you hope will persuade them. Whether those are words on a web page, the script to a YouTube video, or the text in a display ad, they need to be written in such a way that converts.

To be honest, anyone could write any and all of your online sales and marketing material, but the problem there is that they are writing mere words. The spelling might be good, their grammar might be excellent, and they may even write something which is interesting, but unless their writing can convert, they are no more than words on the screen

Words do not make someone buy, it is the emotions those words create that takes them there, and the ability to generate emotion from words is more than just a skill, it is an art.

This is why copywriters are an essential part of any marketing campaign and in such high demand. It is they who make your prospects take that final, and all-important, step from thinking to buying. In other words, it is their writing which ultimately generates the revenue.

Types Of Copywriter

When we say ‘types’ we are not referring to the types of sales copy they can write, as this covers a huge array of different genres and styles. We mean the basis on which they work, with the three main types explained below.

In-House Copywriter

If your business is large enough, and possibly has a dedicated marketing department, then you may have employed your own in-house copywriter. These types of copywriter are normally responsible for writing all the marketing material the business uses including sales pages, leaflets, advertisements and so on.

Freelance Copywriter

These work on a client by client basis and can normally write copy for just about any sort of medium. They will be normally be paid per job, rather by the hour, and for sales-specific copy, they may also negotiate a cut of the sales or profits.

Freelance copywriters sometimes specialise in writing particular types of sales copy, and they may also prefer to work within specific industries or business sectors due to their knowledge of them.

Agency Copywriter

Employed by marketing agencies the work of these copywriters is normally included in any marketing package which the agency is working on for you. Their work can include branding, writing PPC ads, creating posts for social media, sales copy for sales pages, scripts for videos, and content for websites.

Within an agency, they will liaise with the account manager to ensure that what they are writing for a particular business fits in with the agreed campaign.

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