Main Types Of Copywriting Services – Part 2

Types Of Copywriting

Copywriting covers a vast range of specific items that can be written, how they are written, and the purpose of what is written, can also vary greatly.

To help us better understand these differences, we have categorised copywriting under five different headings, and it is under these headings that you likely to find the type, or types, of copywriting you need for your business.

It could actually be the case that you require all five, and you may find there is some cross-over as none of these is finite. The other point to note is that although there are these five different categories of copywriting, it does not mean that five different copywriters will be needed. One copywriter is likely to be able to write the copy for them all.

Brand Copywriting

This is the copywriting which seeks to promote the identity and the image of a particular brand. It is these words that convey what the company’s ethos and principles are with a view to making a connection with those who resonate with them. One of the other key goals of branding copywriting is to differentiate it from the competition.

You will find branding copywriting in several places including the ‘About Us’ page on the company website, and the company may also have a mission statement.

Also, a lot of interaction will happen between the copywriter and those responsible for the imagery of the brand, such as the designers creating logos and graphics, so that there is consistency and correlation between them.

Marketing Copywriting

This the copy that seeks to provide compelling reasons for the prospects to make a buying decision. It will often offer solutions to their problems or outline the many benefits that the products or services can provide them.

One of the key aspects of marketing copywriting is that it should generate emotions within the person reading or hearing the words which have been written. It is an emotion that triggers the buying decision, not logic, and it is here that a copywriter’s skills really come to the fore.

You will find marketing copywriting in a multitude of locations, but online the main ones will be sales pages, landing pages, and promotional emails.

SEO Copywriting

This type of copywriting usually has two purposes. The first is to engage the reader so that they continue to read, or are induced into taking action, including buying. For certain businesses, and the way in which they operate, this first purpose may not always be to get a sale, but rather to get the person to fill in a quote form or request a call-back.

The second, as the name suggests, is to provide content that is crawled and seen by Google as being relevant to a specific keyword, and thus it helps the website, and all its inner pages, to rank higher.

With SEO copywriting, which you will find in product descriptions, landing pages, and category pages, the copywriter needs to find the ideal balance between satisfying the search engines and making the copy appeal to those reading it.

Direct Response Copywriting

This is the oldest form of copywriting where the words on the page are designed to make the person reading take immediate and positive action, which invariably takes them closer to making a purchase.

This is how the earliest ads in newspapers were written with some of the most famous examples of copywriting being full-page direct response advertisements from decades ago, and that skill continues to this day.

Those actions can include adding an email address to an opt-in form, downloading a price list, requesting a call-back, or starting a one-on-one messenger chat. The specific action will obviously vary depending on your business.

You will find direct response copywriting on social media, landing pages, the main home page, and contact pages.

Technical Copywriting

This is a type of copywriting used within a specific niche or industry. It is likely to use words and terms considered that niche’s ‘jargon’, and it will be instantly recognisable as such.

For example, the sorts of words and phrases used within an advertorial piece for the latest sports car is going to be vastly different from that used to promote a new wrinkle smoothing cream.

Generally, those looking within a specific niche for products tend to be knowledgeable about the words and phrases that are commonly used, and a copywriter’s knowledge of that vocabulary is what makes this type of copywriting so successful.

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