Targeting Your Audience With Email Marketing

At Cybera Digital, we are continuously striving to find new ways to help market our clients’ businesses. One of the most popular ways to market online is still via email.

A recent survey conducted by Slinky Digital Marketing stated that over 80% of professionals opt for email marketing rather than social media to boost their brand. This research means that email is still currently leading the way for digital marketing despite the growing popularity of social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a few tips for you to help target your audience with email marketing.

Look The Part
Be sure to send any emails from a professional email or business email address. Never send from a personal account. Its never a good look to receive a business themed email from “”!

If you don’t have a business email address, make sure you set one up and remember to include a company logo within your email send-outs.

Be Welcoming
A welcome email is always a great start when interacting with a customer for the first time. Thank them for being part of your business and even offer an incentive such as a discount of their first order to make signing up to receive emails from you worthwhile. Encourage them to share this experience with their friends too, the more people on that database, the better!

Talk to the people that have subscribed and let them know what they should expect to receive from you. A welcome email would again be a great place to carry this out. Let your subscribers know if they’re going to be receiving business updates, news or special offers and promotions.

Remain Consistent
This applies to the look and feel of your email campaigns as well as the frequency in which you send them.

Ensure that your email campaigns stay consistent with the design, look, feel and tone of your website content. From fonts used through to imagery, keeping that connection between all your online channels is vital for building rapport and increasing brand recognition.

In terms of frequency, there is a fine line between bombarding people with too many emails and staying inactive for too long. You can’t please everybody, but we would suggest sending an email campaign out once a month at the very least. Remember that people have subscribed in order to receive information from you and because they like your brand, keep communication with them and reward their interest.

Be Punctual
If you’ve gotten into a routine of sending emails out every Friday afternoon at 4pm, keep doing that. Unless you’re noticing that your email campaigns aren’t being opened or clicked, your subscribers will have gotten used to receiving your emails at the same day and time so don’t confuse them by sending your newsletters out sporadically.

That being said, there’s no reason why you can’t delve into your stats and research what days and times of the week might be best to target your customers.

Mobile, Mobile And Yet More Mobile
Make sure the emails you send out are mobile friendly and can be accessed on any device. An increasing amount of people access their emails on their phones or tablet, so ensure your email design is compatible, in the same way that your website should be.

Keep Things Simple
Check your text and try not to use any special characters. Avoid writing in upper case and check any links within your emails to make sure none are broken and direct people to an error page. These little checks should contribute towards your email hitting a subscriber’s inbox rather than their spam folder.

If you’re interested in learning more about email marketing or would like to talk to us about email marketing for your business, get in touch with us today for a chat!

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